Can you adjust the spam filter to fit my specific preference?

The answer is most likely no. In a shared environment we receive multiple requests per day to change the spam filter to function in entirely different and conflicting ways. We will try to do what is best for everyone based on the combined weight of user request, and we will concern ourselves mostly with making changes to prevent rejection of false positives. However, there is simply no way to meet every user request on spam filter functionality. Every single day 1-3 users claim it's the end of the world if the filter doesn't function in different ways that are not compatible and conflict with each other on a fundamental level. If I make a change, a new set of 1-3 people begin opening tickets to request that I revert my change. This is not sustainable, so we are no longer taking user requests and only making changes to address genuine support issues.

So please, only open a ticket if it's important. If you would simply prefer that it work differently, please do not open a ticket. You can create filters on your account to change functionality to fit your needs, so just do that. We are a small, budget provider. Our focus has been on providing you with quality service at low cost, but we recognize that Google has better spam filters than us. If that is an absolute requirement, you can sign up for their services here:

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