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We get a fair amount of orders from people who are then confused by our choice to use cPanel as our customer facing control panel. Surprisingly, this comes with an unusual amount of cancellation requests and even PayPal chargebacks. I understand where it comes from, but I want to take a moment to make the case for why we use cPanel and why your first impression of it may not be correct.

When you sign up and see cPanel, these thoughts might run through your head:

1. Just another shared hosting company.
2. Anyone could create this service for the $15/m cPanel license fee.
3. I could get shared hosting for less and get the same product with more features.

If you thought those things, they may be reasonable first impressions, but they could not be more incorrect. Let me explain.

1. We are not now nor will we ever be a shared hosting company.
2. The bare minimum requirement to create this service would be $100 per month. This includes server, cPanel license, and MailChannels outgoing service. Your budget shared hosting providers are not providing MailChannels, and they are not providing our custom work on incoming filters, a backup mail relay, or any significant commitment to email quality/availability.
3. Not true. Shared hosting comes with many issues in relation to email, increasingly so as companies like Microsoft and Verizon run their own internal RBLs. Those problems are not present here.

The point is, we didn't simply install cPanel and start provisioning your accounts. Rather, we've worked very hard on providing a quality back end service and we've opted to use cPanel as the front end interface for it so that we can rely on their significantly large development team and fast attention to security related matters.

When you sign up for MXroute, you are signing up for a budget email service. This means that we did not receive huge investments that we could then use to hire a development team to create a fully unique front-end interface. Our focus is on delivering features at reasonable cost, features that blow much of our competition out of the water. What are those features, exactly? Great question:

1. Customized cPanel that removes non-email related functions.
2. Inbox delivery. High quality inbox delivery for your emails from a high reputation sending service.
3. Never get email bounced due to blacklisted IPs. If a MailChannels IP is blacklisted and the email rejected, the email is sent again from another IP and never bounced.
4. Support. We provide it.
5. Neighbors never impact you. A spammy neighbor is not your concern, and you are not punished for their actions.

Shared hosting companies exist to provide web hosting services, and email gets treated as an afterthought. As an alternative, you can pay high prices per user for quality email services. MXroute is the alternative to the alternative. Our prices are closer to that of shared hosting, and our email quality closer to that of the expensive services. The trade off? Our service looks like shared hosting. It isn't, not one bit.

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